Freight Locos

Goods engines range from ancient (and modern) 0-6-0s through to massive 9Fs. On smaller locos, the popular ROADRUNNER do the trick – especially if you intend to use it on passenger workings. The 30:1 and 40:1 options give you higher speeds, whereas 54:1 suits smaller layouts where speeds are low and shunting is a feature.

For bigger engines – 2-6-0s, 2-8-0s and beyond –intended to haul heavy trains we designed the immensely versatile LOADHAULER range. This can be coupled to the biggest motors we offer to provide immense power at a steady plod – just like the real ones.

In extreme cases where space is at a premium you may need to think about fitting the motor in the tender. You can use the same gearboxes as above, adapted to be driven by cardan shaft from the tender-mounted TENDERISER first-stage gearbox.

View our downloadable PROFILE SHEET to see the full range of options.




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Our Range of Mashima Motors
LNER J38 withe RoadRunner and 1426 Motor
LNER J38: RoadRunner, 54:1 with 1426 Motor
LNER J50 with RoadRunner+
LNER J50: RoadRunner+, 54:1 with 1424 Motor
BR Class 9F with LoadHauler+, DriveStretcher and 1430 Motor
BR 9F: LoadHauler+ 60:1, D1 DriveStretcher and 1430 Motor
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