Our designs meet the need for high-quality gearboxes that complement the best of today's finescale loco kits as well as older kits where an open-frame motor was once your only option.

The easy-to-assemble nickel sIlver gearboxes feature a combination of precison-moulded and hand-made brass gears to produce a wide variety of format and ratio options.

Our plain-speaking gearbox pages will take you painlessly through the process of choosing a motor/gearbox combo, with easy to understand help for beginners and more technical information and specifications for experienced modellers.

CLICK HERE to find out how to choose the ideal gearbox for your requirements.

For a helpful video, with hints and tips on how to assemble the gearboxes, CLICK HERE.












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EM Gauge modeller Mr Adam G. Lynam of Old Sordid says: 'Once I had to plough through great technical tomes like this to find which gearbox to use. But thanks to High Level's handy downloadable gearbox planner, all my loco-building problems are solved at a stroke. Bravo!...

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