As a general rule, the larger the motor diameter and – in particular – the longer the motor barrel, the lower the revs and the higher the torque (pulling power). Larger 14-series motors, coupled to a medium-ratio gearbox, will give you a reasonable top speed combined with super-smooth, low-speed performance and good haulage capabilities.

For smaller engines, space limitations may dictate a smaller motor, such as the 10 or 12-series Mashimas. Compared with the 14-series these are less powerful and faster-revving, but excellent slow running can still be achieved using one of our compact, high-ratio gearboxes and these combinations are surprisingly powerful.

Our gearboxes will accept all our motor types shown, unless stated otherwise.

All motors are 12 volts D.C.







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Typical Examples of Gearbox Applications
PLanning Information
Motor Sizes: first two digits are body size across flats, followed by body length (L). All sizes are metric.
10 Series Motors
1015 - 16000RPM
1020 - 15000RPM
1024 - 19000RPM
12 Series Motors
1220 - 17000RPM
  1224 - 12000RPM
14 Series Motors
1420 - 16300RPM`
1426 - 14200RPM
1430 - 11000RPM
1424 - 15000RPM
1428 - 12000RPM
1432 - 11400RPM
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