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The current economic climate has caused us to review the viability of our range of products.


Maintaining the range of kits - both chassis and locos - has proved very difficult in these times where nothing seems to be straightforward any more. We had reluctantly considered either dropping, or at least suspending, production of some, or all, of our boxed items. However, our customers have said in no uncertain terms that they would like us to continue ( and to develop new products) so we’re trying a different approach, which we hope will benefit everyone...


Although we still have some original stock, we’re now starting to offer our kits in a slightly different format. As before, we’ll include a full set of etched and cast components, a custom gearbox specifically designed for that model, but so you don't have to pay twice for common parts you may well keep in stock, we leave you to provide parts like brass wire and tube, nuts and bolts, and handrail knobs.


We hope this approach will go some way to offsetting the massive rise in the cost of the materials and manufacturing services we pay for, allowing us to keep our own prices as competitive as possible.

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