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Passenger Engines range from big-wheeled Pacifics to diminutive 4-4-0s, from Moguls with narrow fireboxes to large, modern 4-6-0s such as B1s and ‘Halls’.


Our mid-range Roadrunner gearboxes will fit most tank and tender locomotives. Articulated boxes (such as the RoadRunner+) are ideal for situations where the geometry needs to be a little unorthodox, purely so the motor/gearbox unit will fit the available space.


For large layouts, 34:1 and 45:1 options will provide higher speeds and, fitted with one of the larger motors, will still give good low-speed control. For smaller layouts, where speeds may be low, or for use with smaller motors, 60:1 may be the better choice. In all cases, don't forget to take into account wheel size.


Southern Railway 02 - RoadRunner + with 1219 coreless motor

L-shaped box sites motor over driven axle to fully utalise tank space.

60:1 ratio ideal medium speed, for stop-start work.


LNW Precurser - RoadRunner + with 1020 can motor

Gearbox adjusted to allow motor to sit snuggly in firebox.

Relatively large wheels so 60:1 ratio chosen for controlability.


Churchward 4-6-0 on OO guage - HiFlier with 16mm coreless motor

Big, torquey motor with 34:1 ratio for hauling lengthy trains at express speeds.

Tall box lifts the motor clear of the wheel flanges.

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