This kit fits straight under the Bachmann RTR model. It includes alternative patterns of steps, finely-etched see-through mesh for the jackshaft guards. Alternative chequerplate overlays allow you to model all 03’s types, as well as middle and late 04's with non-cutaway footaplates.


The compensated nickel-silver chassis for P4/EM/OO, comes with a set of ‘High Level Hornblocks’, 108:1 triple-reduction gearbox and our unique 'Illusodrive' system to ensure the jackshaft runs smoothly. Lost wax castings are also provided for the flycranks and rear sandboxes.

BR Class 03DM

Worm Bore (to match your motor shaft)
Gearbox Ratio
    • Any motor of our motors will fit.
    • Select the worm bore to match the motor shaft size.