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  • For big-wheeled expresses
  • Lifts the motor above the wheels
  • Width across gearbox sides: 7.8mm

  • Motor centreline to axle 20.6mm



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  • The HiFlier re-configures the geometry of the RoadRunner+ in an easy-to-build, rigid format to give height where it’s needed, so you can raise the motor clear of the wheels – a particularly useful feature for large-wheeled express locos, especially in OO.


    This allows you to fit a big, torquey motor which, combined with 34 or 45:1. will deliver both speed and pulling power without having to sacrifice low end smoothness and controllability.


    For long-wheelbase tender locos, where you plan to drive on the centre or rear axle, the HiFlier can be used to positon your motor (mounted vertically) in the firebox space, which avoids having to cut away sections of boiler.


    60:1 ratio is also available which would be ideal for big goods engines.

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