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Originally, this was a one-off job for a customer who wanted a super-slow-running mech with all-wheel-drive, which would also allow 3-point compensation for his Roxey whitemetal kit. Further requests prompted us to refine this design, which we subsequentley developed into our QuadDriver Range.


As this was never intended as an official product, there are no instructions, but if you follow the assembly sequence detailed for our other QuadDrivers, you shouldn't go far wrong. There are also on-line articles on forums, such as RMWeb.


Our kit comes with bearings, shaft and gears, with an optional motor of your choice. Like the QuadDrivers, the motor and geartrain assembly sits on the axles, so you'll need to use whatever comes in the kit, or make your own frames, in order to carry the actual weight of the loco.


CLICK HERE to see a YouTube video of the chassis in action...

Planet Power Unit

  • This will depend on prototype. Suggested types are:

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