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  • Small and flexible
  • Ideal for tender-mounted motors
  • Width over gearbox sides: 8.6mm
  • Motor centreline to axle (mm): 6.7 to 12.6
  • Compatible with D2 DriveStretcher


RoadRunner COMPACT

  • The combination of small proportions and flexible design makes The RoadRunner Compact+ ideal for situations where you need to keep the mechanism low and out of sight. It's perfect for motorising railcars or trams in which a horizontal motor and gearbox can be hung on an axle, crouched down below the window level.


    To avoid cutting a section from your loco boiler, a vertically-mounted motor in the firebox may be the best option. Here, the Compact’s articulation could be used to pull the lower part of the motor down between the frames, creating valuable extra headroom.


    Alternatively, a tender-mounted motor, driving via the gearbox’s ‘remote attachment’ generally allows you to fit a much bigger motor and although 60:1 is available, the quicker speeds of 34 and 45:1 may be better suited.

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