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If you're a fan of really odd looking diesels, then you'll probably be considering a Judith Edge Fell kit. This crazy, six-engined locomotive ran in one of two forms - with all all eight driving wheels connected via long siderods (like an 0-8-0) or with shorter rods and two lots of four-coupled wheelsets. For this latter set-up, all wheels and rods still ran in unison, with internal gearing linking the two halves. Our Fell unit allows you to replicate this set-up.


The Coupler is designed to be used with one of our motor/gearbox combos and, as the loco body is pretty roomy, you'll have a good few to choose from.


When you do come to purchase your gearbox, don't forget to check their dimensions with a drawing of the loco/kit and be sure to select 2mm axle to match the kit's wheels.

Fell Deisel Drive Coupler

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