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This state-of-the-art design will lift the Bachmann model to new heights, with only minimal modifications to the moulded body. The kit offers alternative details to model either the earlier 56xxs, or the later Armstrong-built variants (66s) and includes many enhancements, such as full brakegear with detail casting for sandboxes and spring dampers.


Optional parts are included to allow you to built the chassis with compensation, so the wheels rise and fall to follow the undulations in the track. Using our unique, low-friction, ‘Floating Beam’ system, the rear axle carries weight to give full 4-point suspension. A custom-designed gearbox with room for a very large motor means there's potential for incredible haulage capability if required.

GWR 56/66xx

    • Any motor of our motors will fit.
    • Select the worm bore (above) to match the motor shaft size.
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