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  • Medium ratio, ideal for heavy goods
  • Very tall, with articulation
  • Width across gearbox sides: 7.8mm
  • Motor centreline to axle (mm): 20 to 28.6 
  • Compatible with D1 DriveStretcher


HiFlier PLUS

  • This is our response to customers' requests for an extra-tall gearbox with a similar geometrical set-up to the ever-popular LoadHauler+, but with much quicker gearing for higher track speeds.


    Factors like motor type, wheel diameter and even layout size will influence your choice of ratio and engines like 9Fs - which don’t have particularly big wheels but still need to run at reasonable speeds - may be better suited to the mid-ratio HiFlier+. Coupled to a big motor, 34 or 45:1 will still provide plenty of low-down, smooth power, but without sacrificing top-end performance, so you get the best of both worlds.


    The adjustable L-shaped configuration allows you to vary the motor height, so you can position it inside a high-pitched boiler. From motor-to-axle centreline there’s a massive 28.8mm available, which can be further extended to over 36mm with a D1 Stretcher.

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