For industrial users, battery locomotives were cheap to build and economical to operate. One of the most appealing designs was this 'steeple cab' built in 1917 by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway to work coal traffic at the company's power station near Manchester.


Built on a series of fold-up frames, the slot and tab brass bodywork is complimented by numerous whitemetal and lost wax detail castings. The specification includes twin-gearbox 97:1 four-wheel drive and built-in compensation. The kit is easy to adapt to overhead electric working, using a dummy pantograph or trolley collector.

L.Y.R Battery Loco

Do you require a motor?
Worm Bore
  • The kit was designed around a double-shafted Mashima 1220 motor, but a 1020 will also be fine.

    At present, we do not stock motors for this kit, but hope to find a suitable alternative in the near future