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Our kit will fit straight under the superb Hornby bodyshell and, with minor modifications, can also be adapted to suit both the older Lima model and even the ancient Wills' kit.


Designed for EM gauge and P4 gauge, the chassis builds as CSB-only with all the leg-work – chopping out of hornblock cutaways, working out wire runs, marking-out and fixing of CSB anchors – already done. Also, as a direct response to customers’ requests, the cosmetic springs are completely removable, so the wheelsets can be dropped out without disassembling them. Hornblocks and CSB tags (although not the carrier wire) are included and we can also supply a suitable motor.


The kit covers Part 2, 3 and 4 engines and includes two types of brakegear, single/twin brake cylinder arrangements with left and right-hand drive options.


    • 1020FE (1mm)
    • 1219C; 1320C (1.5mm)
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