Back in the mid-1970s, Mainline's J72 broke new ground, offering a level of detail and fidelity that even the best kits of the day couldn't rival.


The split chassis design came with a representation of the brakegear, but was basic by modern standards, and performance was notoriously unreliable. The plastic model represents LNER/BR-built locos and our chassis is correct for this type - the first 30 of the class, built by the NER, were completely different.


We've replicated all visible details, including the valve gear between the frames (non-working) and the distinctive (rarely modelled) compensated brakegear, which is built using a jig to ease assembly. Power is transmitted to the track via the high-ratio box, available in three ratios to suit your layout.


Worm Bore - see Motor Options (below)
Gearbox Ratio
    • 1015FE; 1020FE (1mm)
    • 1219 Coreless with minor modifications (1.5mm)