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  • Slow-speed gearbox
  • For slow goods, shunters, 7mm narrow gauge
  • Width over gearbox sides: 10mm
  • Motor centreline to axle (mm): 17.5 to 26.6
  • Compatible with D1 DriveStretcher


LoadHauler PLUS

  • To effectively use the available space inside your loco it may be advantageous to site the motor some distance from the axle using a tall, adjustable box, like the LoadHauler+.


    Those who model in larger scales, such as 7mm narrow gauge, can take advantage of the lofty 26.6mm available between motor and axle. This can be extended by a further 8mm by adding a D1 DriveStretcher.


    Ratios are high  - 68:1 for a slow-steady, plodding goods engine or 90/120:1 for shunters . If you a need similar set-up, but with more speed, try the HiFlier+

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