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  • High ratio - ideal for shunters or slow goods
  • Flexible design - 180 degree articulation
  • Width across gearbox sides: 10.8mm
  • Motor centreline to axle (mm): 11.5min/18.6 max
  • Compatible with D2 DriveStretcher


LoadHauler COMPACT

  • You could describe The LoadHauler Compact+ as a high-ratio version of the RoadRunner+, or an articalulated variant of the straight LoadHauler.


    To suit the available space you can arrange the adjustable swinging carriage at any angle on its 180 degree arc, facing in either direction. This makes it ideal for reaching rear wheels under cab floors, or driving an axle sited directly under the motor in a small sidetank.


    For a small loco needing super-smooth, slow-running, the high-ratio, Compact+ is an obvious contender, however, the box also finds use in far larger engines running on the types of layouts where the focus is on low-speed operation.

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