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  • Slow-speed box
  • Flexible beyond belief
  • Width across gearbox sides: 10.8mm



  • This box pivots at every gearshaft, with carriages that can be fitted facing either way, allowing you arrange it in an almost infinite variety of configurations.


    In-keeping with the design in our own small deisel kits, the gearbox frame is shaped to allow you to site the worm right inside the cab, leaving more room for a motor under the bonnet - this is the specific purpose for which the unit was originally conceived, but you'll find the LoLoader useful in a far wider range of motive power applications, from big to small.


    Although ratios are high, 68:1 is quite feasable for a large, plodding  goods engine. It’s worth having a LoLoader in stock for situations where nothing else will fit.

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