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Our 'Rustler' motorising pack enables Judith Edge's Ruston 48DS kit to replicate the pedestrian pace of the prototype, with three-point compensation to keep those tiny wheels firmly planted on even the roughest trackwork - this eliminates any need for a matchtruck to carry additional pickups!...


It can be easily adapted for other loco types that have a 21mm wheelbase and because the weight of the engine is carried via the loco's existing sideframes or chassis, the unit is highly adaptable.

This compact design has a 2mm bore, push-fit axle gear of only 8mm diameter. There's plenty of daylight under those inter-linking gears, and the motor is ideally positioned to fit inside the bonnet space of a small engine.

QuadDriver 4WD - 21mm Wheelbase

  • This will depend on prototype. Suggested types are:

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