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Introduced in 1956, this 107bhp diesel-mechanical shunting locomotive weighed just 14-tons and was aimed at small, rail-served industries such as gas works, foundries, chemical plants and civil engineering contractors.


This diminutive model has been designed for ease of assembly making it an ideal starting point for newcomers to etched kit construction. The simple fold-up bodyshell and slot-and-tab construction do much to demystify the soldering process and the 'Illusodrive' jackshaft mechanism is equally builder-friendly.

RSH Husky 0-4-0 DM

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  • At present, no manufacturer makes a suitable wheel for this kit. It used to use a 10mm disc wheel (ex-Sharman Milimetre Range) and the closest thing available is a Lowmac wagon wheel. If you use this then you'll have to fit crankpins and bosses to the wheel centre.


    Markits also make a metal-centred version which may make life easier if you work in OO or EM gauge. For P4, there's a plastic-centred Gibson product.

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