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In spite of our best efforts, maintaining our stock levels continues to be a major challenge.

Our suppliers are still experiencing problems with staffing levels, lack of materials, etc. This has a knock-on effect on us, resulting in some products being listed as 'Out of Stock' with longer than usual time required for re-stocking.

​Additionally, non-of availability of some key components means we have to find workarounds or alternatives using equivalent parts. This is on-going process and although the solution may be nothing more than a simple replacement or minor alteration, sometimes the only way forward is a complete redesign, which can be very time-consuming.

It’s our aim to get your order to you as quickly as possible – it’s simpler for us and makes you happy, which is good for business. Hopefully things will eventually settle down, supply chains will get back to normal… or a ‘new normal’... and we'll work our way through any necessary changes.

In the meantime, please bear with us as we do all we can…

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