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Freight Engines can vary greatly in both size and shape, ranging from ancient (and modern) 0-6-0s through to massive 9Fs.

For small-wheeled locos, a 60:1 box from the RoadRunner range should give a good, steady plod and fitting a larger motor will further reduce track speed whilst increasing power output at the wheels. Higher ratio boxes, such as our LoadHaulers, are ideal for heavier haulage and slow work. These could be coupled to the biggest motors we offer to provide immense power with incredible smoothness.

In some cases, where there's insufficient room inside the loco, a better option might be to site the motor in the tender, using any of the above boxes driven by cardan shaft from a tender-mounted TendeRiser.


LNER J38 - RoadRunner  with 1320 coreless motor

Vertical motor eliminates need to cut through boiler

Duties include shunting so 60:1 ratio chosen.


LNER J50 - LoadHauler Compact+ with 1320 coreless motor

Articulation adjusted to keep cutaway clear.

90:1 ratio for slow working.


BR Class 9F- HiFlier + with 16mm coreless motor

Massive motor, small wheels so 34 or 45:1 is slow enough.

Tall, adjustable gearbox lifts the motor into boiler space.

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