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Shunters are usually small in size, operate at very low speeds and therefore need a compact, high ratio box. With the motor revved up, running quality and power output are greatly improved as that high torque is geared right down.

For small-wheeled engines, a 60:1 RoadRunner fitted with a quality motor would be well up to the job, but if you want a loco that will really crawl, look at the higher ratio, double-reduction LoadHaulers.


If there's limited height available, the HumpShunter gives you the same running qualities in an even smaller space, while for really tight confines, the super-compact MicroMiser and infinitley flexible LoLoader are the answer to many problems.


LNER Y4 - LoadHauler + with 1219 coreless motor

Straight gearbox makes best use of tank space.

Small wheels so 90:1 ratio will be very slow.


LNER Q1 - LoadHauler + with 1624 coreless motor

In OO gauge, tall box needed to lift motor above wheels.

Motor very slow and powerful so 68:1 ratio is ideal.


BR Class O1 DM - HumpShunter with 1020FE

Short box keeps visible cab space clear.

120:1 ratio for dead-slow shunting.

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